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    Westland Trade
  • Minimum $10

  • Maximum $500

  • Referral 3%

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    Westland Trade
  • Minimum $35

  • Maximum $5000

  • Referral 8%

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  • Minimum $100

  • Maximum $10000

  • Referral 10%

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Welcome to the official website of WESTLANDTRADE. WESTLANDTRADE is Founded in 2011 by Group of People who has a Top level experience in Forex Trading and Fund Management for 8 Years. After a successful business of 3 year WESTLANDTRADE of Limited finally created the Official Online based website to provide the opportunity to all for getting Financial Freedom from a Reliable and Profitable real earning source. Anyone can Join WESTLANDTRADE as a member free of cost and no need to have any Banking account or no hidden fees are involved there. All investments are managed by WESTLANDTRADE finance Department who integrate that Investment to the official ForexTrading Banking account of company and generate profit by trading and Every member can Request withdrawal of their Profits 24hours and 7 Days a week from website member area. It’s a difficult task to earn money for general people from ForexTrading because there need to have a good knowledge about Forex and Financial Market of the Whole world and need to build up a successful trading strategy.

WESTLANDTRADE is the Right choice for them who don’t have a successful trading strategy or don’t have any knowledge about Forex Trading or getting loss from Forex Trading because of wrong trading strategy. WESTLANDTRADE is a secure earning source where They can do investment and get guaranteed profit by the hard work of experienced Trading Experts from WESTLANDTRADE.

Increasing use of the internet and proliferation of web applications on tablet and mobile devices has been the driving force behind responsive development. Traditionally users would be re-directed to a device specific site (e.g. mobile), but responsive design means one site can be implemented across devices. A strong commercial imperative to accommodate the smaller screen size in a unified design. You can use our website in desktop or laptop, smartphone, tablet or smart-TV.

WESTLANDTRADE can ensure about Guaranteed Profit because the Investment funds are not only invested in ForexTrading but also invested in the successful Offline Currency Exchange Business which is developed by WESTLANDTRADE and already Gain Trust of all its members.


Investors Last 10

Username Date Deposit
Vially90 10.03.2018 $311
Waize 10.03.2018 $100
aminpisc 10.03.2018 $25
coinstome 10.03.2018 $149
Rastaman 10.03.2018 $55
quang1983 10.03.2018 $150
Keepcalmandhyips 10.03.2018 $13.73
stllas01 10.03.2018 $80
spiderk 10.03.2018 $30
BTCinvestor 10.03.2018 $248

Paid Out:

Username Date Amount
investor2013 10.03.2018 $43
Wopp2018 10.03.2018 $27 10.03.2018 $11
epplar 10.03.2018 $55
Herrybol 10.03.2018 $80
Nikamon 10.03.2018 $9.00
AligarxUS 10.03.2018 $31
HyipReports 10.03.2018 $17
mmgcash 10.03.2018 $4.0
Zangcheng 10.03.2018 $109


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    We paid instantly to your PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Payeer account with 100% securely.

  • Up to 15% Referral Commission

    Join the WESTLANDTRADE program and start earning up to 15% referral commission!

  • Registered Company

  • 24\7 Online Support

  • DDoS protection

Client Testimonials

  • “I have been very impressed with their friendliness and responsiveness. I would go so far as to say that other companies could learn from them.”

    Matt Stocker
  • “Very smart people working on the project — they provided great insight and brought experience to the project.”

    Mark Crosby
  • “Wow, They're fast, and They are doing such great work! Thank's WESTLANDTRADE!!! I love their work on the Forex Trade market.”

    Emily Health|Whitespace

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